Vinnie + Cindy || Romantic Apple Orchard Wedding


Vinnie + Cindy got into touch...

with me only a few short weeks before they planned to tie the knot. Out of our ever-loving minds excited, my assistant and I drove cross country from our basecamp in AR to the beautiful state of WA to be a part of the day! The wedding took place on a vineyard in the fruit farming town of Wenatchee, framed in a perfect, curvaceous mountain backdrop. The two were so desperately in love, I honestly feel that their photos naturally took themselves and left me as a bystander to take in the day. As eager to explore the town as me, the bride + groom were more than willing o get their boots a little muddy. We hiked in the crisp afternoon sun while we took some bomb portraits. Meanwhile months before the day, the groom, who was a videographer by trade, had been directing and painstakingly crafting a film for his soon to be bride. His inspiration began when the two met, and worked together on a photography project. He soon realized she would be his last and only love, and they began their adventure! The groom had stealthily kept his film a secret for almost a year, planning to unveil it to her at their wedding reception as a surprise to the bride and their dear guests. The plot? Waiting for love. The right one, and the rewards and journey of it all. I was more than honored to be there to watch her see it for the first time, with tearful joy and admiration for the sweet gift she had been given. I am so absolutely in love with this landscape and the love story that was told that day.