It all started on my trip to Thailand last winter...

In the winter of 2016, I fulfilled one of my bucket list dreams - to live in Thailand and experience its beauty and culture. I was living 2 hours west of Bangkok when I got a Facebook ping. Two old friends, who are currently living in China as English teachers, were to be vacationing in the insanely gorgeous coast of South Thailand, near Ao Nang + Phuket.  Hey Evan, wanna come take some anniversary photos for us? Uhh. Yes. And a week later I was there. For any couple a' lovebirds who are looking  for one of the worlds most beautiful, inexpensive and surely unforgettable getaways - South Thailand is one of the most insane areas I have ever laid eyes on. Jamie + Sean had been planning a day of island hopping, and I jumped on in to document their adventure. And holy moly ... was it unforgettable. The two melted into each other and showed me glimpses of their incredibly adventurous, brave souls in these photos. Anyone else want to elope, wed, or have a session abroad? I'm your girl.