Creating a Romantic Atmosphere



For the more openly awkward or nervous seeming couples - send fun prompts beforehand for

them to think about. EX. Sometimes ill send an email before hand to get them in the zone, with

thing like “think of the three funniest memories you have with you significant other, keep them a

secret until the session when I tell you go, whisper it to them”. This can ease their minds giving

them a causal feel, and a feel good excited aura when they arrive.

Create “rules” for the session. Help them view the session not as a stop + pose and move on

thing. But an overall experience. To help with that - 1. they have to be touching at all times.

Hand holding, snuggling, kissing ect.

Bring an external speaker and play music that matches the tone + feel of the session. Maybe

even ask what band + genre they love the most. Hint: if you can some how play “their” song at

some point in time it may sprout some pretty cute responses.