Autumn + Wyndham - Intimate Backyard Farm Wedding || June 4th - Morrilton, Arkansas

Earlier in the month, I was able to post a few previews of this stunning wedding. This post includes a more in-depth peek into their special day. This has got to be, hands down, one of the most special weddings I've been a privilege to be a part of in my career. I wish these sweet souls all of the happiness in the wide world.

Autumn + Wyndham - Backyard Farm House Wedding - Morrilton, Arkansas - By Evan Hopman Photography - Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photographer

Autumn and Wyndham were married on June 4th the bride's grandfather's farm in Morrilton, Arkansas. Beautiful stormy skies were brewing, and the smell of fresh earth was in the air. The two shared an intimate "hidden first look" on the grand staircase in her grandparents home. Happy tears were shed from the heartfelt and totally raw letters that were exchanged between the two. As I took this beautiful bride out to snap a quick photo of her, dark, dramatic clouds rolled over the landscape as the wind whipped the tendrils of her hair. It was perfect, and she looked beyond stunning. The two planted a sapling as a part of their promise to love and nurture one another during their ceremony. As the light transcended behind the trees, creating a perfect pastel sky, the two danced the evening away with twinkle lights on the plum trees. That night, the bridal party camped under the stars. This couple, I can say without a doubt has a love most profound, a love most boundless. How evident it was on that day. 

|| A highlight from this day was featured on Junebug Weddings - 2016 ||